This research group performs interdisciplinary research into audio-visual media such as film, TV & video, AR & VR, and animation. The transmedial scope includes the research and development of experimental, artistic, documentary and fictional productions.
Mag. Mag. Dr. Franziska Bruckner
Head of Research Group
Our research gives rise to content and technologies for arts and culture organisations, events staged in public spaces, as well as adaptable concepts for distributing, archiving and commercialising digital content.
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Selected projects

Cultural Heritage - Woodworking revisited

Old knowledge - ready for the future. The sparkling science project HR (Holzhandwerk revisited) combines traditional artisanship and new forms of communication, scientific research and a young approac...

Wearable Theatre.The art of immersive storytelling

The artistic research project Wearable Theatre aims at exploring the narrative and dramatic potential of Virtual Reality (VR) representations and will lay the foundation for future forms of storytelli...