We carry out basic and applied research supported by regional, national and international organisations, as well as contract research and consulting. Our network of partners in science and the arts comprises research and art institutes, as well as universities in Austria and abroad. We work with business partners including highly specialised local SMEs and international industrial enterprises.

Our R&D projects employ a wide variety of methods from art-based research, design science, digital humanities, cultural and empirical social-sciences-based media studies,  and technology.

Our portfolio includes:


State-of-the-art research in science and technology | Media and design analysis | Feasibility studies 
Design and format development: development of concepts, methods and technologies, media-specific content development, design of media production workflows


360° video, AR and VR experiences, educational content, experimental and artistic content, documentary and narrative video production, 2D and 3D animation 


Comparative evaluations, usability studies and user testing, controlled experiments (qualitative and quantitative), field studies 


Presentations in artistic disciplines, digital humanities, galleries and museums, conferences, publications 

We will gladly provide support with developing research concepts and R&D strategies, and identifying potential partners for large-scale international and interdisciplinary projects.

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Media Creation Research Group
Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies
Department of Media and Digital Technologies
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